A 3D print of Abraham the mutant moth

A 3D print of Abraham the mutant moth


This giant, super-intelligent mutant moth has a love of baseball and a lack of patience. Abraham thinks very highly of himself, so his sarcastic wit and glib tongue (er, proboscis) often get him into trouble. Fortunately, our 3D model of Abraham comes equipped with a separately printed detachable baseball bat to fight villains. Play ball!

Make Your Own Action Figures

Science is Awesome

Both Matt and Jon were hugely into science (and science fiction) when they were kids, and not much has changed since they grew up. Jon works for a tech company today, and Matt actually went to college to be a science writer. Much like with Matt's graphic novel series Squish, Matt and Jon's book Marvin and the Moths celebrates science—even when that science gets a little weird.


3D Print Monsters and Characters

Matt and Jon had fun creating the monsters in this book—and now you can make your own monsters at home! Using Matt's sketches, we've created printable 3D models of some of the characters in the book. You can download the files, print them out at school or home, and set them up to battle evildoers. Or battle algebra homework!



We would love to see what you come up with. E-mail us pictures of your finished models, and we'll post them on the site! What's more, if you have ideas for improving the models, they have a Creative Commons License that allows you to edit, change, and share the 3D files below. Does Abraham need to be taller? Go for it! Maybe he should wear a baseball cap? Why not! Practice your 3D skills and share those results with us, too!